Refresher Course

This is tailored especially for you! You may need help with the following:

  • Confidence
  • Going on a journey at a certain time of the day
  • Parking ie Bay Parking
  • Driving a new car
  • Anything else

Experienced drivers who need to retake a driving test after a period of disqualification.


If there has been a substantial period of time between passing your Driving Test and taking to the roads on your own, you will probably find it useful to take one of our short refresher courses where you will be helped to refresh you're driving skills and build confidence before going solo.


Maybe you're new to the area and the idea of driving in busy unfamiliar areas concerns you. Why worry? Let us guide you whilst you build confidence in you're new surroundings.


Do you ever arrive at you're destination unable to remember the journey?


Possibly now would be a good time to refresh those previously learned basic skills and add them to you're daily driving.


Whatever you're reasons, it is always beneficial to have someone assess you're driving occasionally to help identify any areas that need improving so that we can make our roads a safer place for everyone.


So if you have any concerns about you're driving, please contact us to discuss you're requirements and arrange an assessment drive.


How much do refresher lessons cost?

Refresher lessons are charged at £23 per hour

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance