Midnight 17th Birthday Driving Lesson


The Midnight Birthday package is available to anyone who wants to get on the road as soon as possible after turning 17! This is the ideal surprise present for the unsuspecting teenager and is suited to any driver facing their first time behind the wheel of a car.


Note: Students must be in receipt of a valid provisional driving licence for this lesson.



The student will be collected at 11.30 p.m. on the night before their birthday.

Introduction to the instructor, licence and eyesight checks are followed by a short drive to a quiet nearby location where instruction on the car controls, moving off and stopping and night driving will be given leading up to midnight.


Thereafter the student will be able to enjoy a full hour's drive on safe, quiet streets.


Midnight driving lessons provide ideal driving conditions for students venturing onto the roads for the first time as the roads are generally very quiet.


This first experience forms the starting point and is structured to naturally lead in to our excellent programme of training learners to driving test standard.


Please note it is very important that the student HAS NOT consumed any alcohol prior to the lesson (minimum of 12 hours before).

Gift Vouchers are available.

Can be done for any birthday.